Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rather than a regular service at church this morning, we had Morning Prayer. No homily, no communion, only took 40 minutes. Molly, who was scheduled to preach, was sick; Bruns' van wouldn't start and without it, he can't go anywhere; Tom is still at Camp Bratton-Green. So Lester and Cynthia led, and the choir sang beautifully even with its smaller than average number. And we got out ahead of the Sunday church crowds to enjoy Father's Day lunch. Mike and I went to Western Sizzlin'.

The latest news from GC06 is that the new Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church is the Rt. Rev. Katherine Jefforts Schori!!! I'm astounded! While that may take media attention away from our openly gay bishop for a while, it definitely does not back down from the revolutionary path we've chosen to walk. Wonder how those longing for the old Patriarchal system will take that? How will our differences with the larger world-wide Anglican Communion ever be reconciled? In their more charitable moments, they see us as the feisty, rebellious little brother, not condoning, but not condemning, watching to see what trouble he will stir up next. A female presiding bishop will be the last straw for some of them. They still cannot bring themselves to ordain female priests, much less acknowledge the leadership of a woman as bishop. This will be interesting.

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