Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One of the things I'm enjoying the most about DSL is improved internet radio reception. There is an abundance of free music in every genre that I like and it comes in without buffering breaks. Now that's worth the ticket right there. Today I'm listening to Lofty Voices on Live365, an ecclectic blend of Christian Choral, Celtic and New Age. Seems I'm not the only one whose taste runs in this direction.

I'm trying to keep up with news from the convention, official

and unofficial

Reports from Monday's orientation were encouraging. Divided into small groups of 8, the delegates were asked to share the following about themselves:
  1. Think back over your life. What is it about the Christian faith that you are most passionate about? Tell me how God’s love in Jesus is important to you.
  2. What do you really value about the Episcopal Church? What is the most important thing that the Episcopal Church has contributed to your life?
  3. Imagine that this convention has been an incredible success. In the years to come, imagine telling a friend or family member what you accomplished. What would you tell them was the most important thing you did or decision you were part of?

Thankfully, it seems to have been well received by those who aren't intimidated by touchy feely, and even by a few who are. Community building is not easy with such a diverse group of people, especially with passions running as high as they are this year.

The devotional reading from the Old Testament (Eccles 8:14-9:10) this morning was amusing given the timing with GenCon. Many of them will be reading the same thing I did, and will be forced to admit that God does have quite a sense of humor. And there will be no shortage of "eating, drinking and being merry for tomorrow we die." If that doesn't add the element of levity to this occasion, nothing will.

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