Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why don't dogs like to be clean? I bathed mine today and they couldn't wait to find something nasty to roll in. I just realized that we've had Jay-Jay for a year. It was the 20th of May last year during a horrible thunderstorm when he came to our door, soaking wet, trembling, begging for shelter. He had been left outside a good bit by his former owner. We saw him frequently when we walked Gus through Harbor View, and had worried that he wasn't being cared for adequately.

He's a sweet-natured dog, not nearly as hyper and aggressive as Gus. He weighs about 2 pounds more than Gus and is about a year older. He was taken to the animal clinic on Old Fannin Rd. by his first owner. She had already named him Jay-Jay Focker, so that's what they had on their records. She ordered several services, which they performed, but she never came back to claim him or pay the bill. He stayed at the clinic for a couple of months before one of the employees decided to adopt him. When her marriage broke up, she moved away and took him with her.

The vet got a call from a motel in Missouri that he had been left out in a storm. He provided the owner's name, and they returned him to her. She left Missouri, headed for Florida, but decided to drop Jay-Jay off with the ex, since she could not keep him. He already had a Boston terrior Bandit, who hated Jay-Jay. So Bandit stayed indoors and Jay-Jay stayed out. The man gladly relinquished ownership of him when we inquired, and he's been here ever since.

He soon established himself as the alpha male, even though Gus sometimes challenges him on it. Due to previous neglect, he gets very nervous during thunderstorms, and we've got one predicted tonight. He seems to be able to sense it, and has been pacing the floor and panting loudly. Maybe the storm won't last long. The 5-day forecast calls for rain everyday.

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