Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm getting a nasty sore throat, not unusual for me after spending time with grandbabies. It used to happen with Clay and Cooper a good bit, now with Pip. I probably kiss on them way too much. The shoulders and neck are aching, the sinuses are congested, and the throat is raw. I just hope Pip doesn't get sick, too. Babies carry treacherous germs in those open-mouthed kisses, but I've never been able to resist them.

I had an 11:00 appointment with Providence Hospice Care, but it was cancelled when they realized that Mother was getting all the post-operative care she needed from the nurses and Dr. Krooss. Their main services are pain management and family counseling. Unless someone stands on Mother's toe, she won't complain of pain. She's lucky, I guess, not to be more aware than she is of her condition. I don't think anyone in the family needs counseling about her condition. Everybody will pretty much be relieved when her ordeal is over.

Clay is going to summer camp next week, the first time he's been away from parents and on his own for that length of time, and first time Cooper will have parents all to himself. Can't wait to hear how that goes.

Benji and family have flown to Paris for the week-end. He's relieved not to be driving, he said. His computer was on the blink when we left. I hope he's able to get it repaired.

Mike and I ate lunch at Fire Mountain, a new restaurant in Flowood with homestyle food on a buffet. It was pretty good, but they didn't have any cornbread, and the apple pie was cold. I need a nap, just don't have the energy to do much.

I sent out links to this blog to those who have asked about my trip and to a couple who haven't. Still haven't heard from Skip, don't know if he's back from Greece or not, surely he is. I'd love to hear about Ben's trip, too. They probably saw more of the famous places than we did, but I saw all I could take in while I was there. If I had unlimited time and unlimited funds, I would like to live there for a year or two, do some painting, writing, photography, and genealogy.

Pat sent a link to her pictures, but I can't get the slideshow to go past the first 30. I really need to look into getting DSL.

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