Thursday, May 11, 2006

If every morning were like this, I would pull out my hair. Mike's first demand for the day was that I write a letter for an attorney to BC/BS about their denying benefits. Rather than follow procedure plainly outlined on the back of every claim report that comes in, he has already talked to a lawyer about suing.

All it took was a phone call to an 800 number to find out why the claim was denied. The doctor authorizing more therapy has not seen him in over a year, that's why.

"Go see Dr. Tipton," I told him, "then they will reconsider his orders, otherwise, they don't think his knowledge of your condition is up-to-date. Whether you think he does you any good or not, he holds the key to your getting more therapy, so make an appointment. And don't complain to me about these people who think the solution to every problem is to sue. You're doing the same thing. Read the reports, go through the steps, and if you still need a lawyer, we'll talk, but I am not going to be a party to a frivolous lawsuit."

So then he has the unmitigated gall to say terrible things about me, after all I've done for him. And Blue Cross has paid out tens of thousands of dollars on his medical expense. Without them and me, he would have been dead years ago. Talk about creating bad karma!

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I turned on "Debussy for Daydreaming," to calm my frayed nerves. I wish I didn't let him get under my skin like he does. I need a vacation.


Zoilus said...

Hey, what a coincidence. I think you have a vacation coming up soon. My morning wasn't that good with my spouse, either, since she decided I was blowing her off yesterday (even though I emailed her at an internet cafe to tell her the internet was on the fritz again at our house, but she never got that email for some reason), so she called me up to calmly chew me out in that way she has of truly lighting my very short fuse. Next thing I know, I'm yelling, and it went downhill from there.

Which really sucks, b/c I have missed her terribly, but she HATES for me to not be at her convenience for phone calls (which, in turn, drives me nuts b/c it's a fairly impossible standard to meet). . .all of which just goes to show that we really need to find a new way to fight.

Pip and I had a good day (the warmest one in Ireland so far this year--got all the way up to 23) while we were out, although he was cranky while we were at the house. I took him to the White Strand near Barna but he didn't want to have anything to do with that cold ocean water rolling in. I think I managed to get some good dusk-light photos, anyway, despite his demeanor.

Also, new photos on my homepage. Plenty of Pip (what can I say--I've been bored, so I take pictures of him. sound familiar?).

C. J. Garrett said...

Capricorns! You gotta love 'em! Don't forget what Ed Bacon told me in pre-marital counseling - couples who don't fight, don't f___.
The passport came today. Yea!

C. J. Garrett said...
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Zoilus said...

Ha! He never told that to Heather and I, but he should have.

Thanks be to God you finally got it. Our friend Lance got his the day before he was supposed to leave--less than 24 hours before his departure time. They really have a way of freaking people out over at the Passport agency, don't they?