Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, especially Mom, Mary Ann, Karen, Betsy, Judy, Laura, Sara, Tara, and Bethany, and ME! I hope all mothers are happy to be mothers today and feel as blessed by their children as I do mine. Wearing red roses on Mother's Day to honor living mothers and white roses in memory of deceased mothers was a popular custom when I was a child. I guess some still practice it. Betsy wanted a red corsage to wear today because she felt like it may be the last year she could wear a red one. I'll honor her some other way. I've never had many sentimental feelings for my mother. Choosing a card for her on this occasion was always tough because they're way too mushy, reading them just reminds me of what I didn't have. So I usually just go with the generic "hope this day brings you special blessings" card.

We've got thunderstorms this morning, so my resolve to go to church is quickly dissolving. The rain should be gone by 2pm, and I can go to the nursing home then. One thing I really appreciate about the Episcopal church is that they never ask members to account for their absence. Every once in a while, one of the recovering Baptists will say, "I've missed you," which I always appreciate, but I've never heard, "where were you?" or "why weren't you here?" Among choir members we usually ask David, "what has happened to so-and-so?" And he tells us. Ben is part of the pastoral care team and has checked on me a couple of times to see if I need anything. Mother's name is on the prayer list, and I'm sure some of them are praying for me, too, but otherwise, it's up to me to let them know what's going on. And if I choose not to, that's ok, too.

I stopped by the church on Monday to pick up a devotional book. Tom, David, and Lisa were in the courtyard chatting. They asked about Mother. Then when I told them she still had not complained of any pain, Tom said some people just have a higher threshold for pain. David teased, "Especially mothers who raised very difficult children." Surely he was not talking about my mother's little angels.

I've been saving William Byrd's "Gradualia, The Marian Masses," to listen to for a special occasion. Music honoring Mary, mother of God, sounds perfect for Mother's Day.

Ave Maria gratia plena, Dominus tecum: benedicta tu in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui. Allelulia. (Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Allelulia.)

2pm. Mike and I went to the nursing home around 12:30, after eating an Italian lunch at Sicily's. Mother was dressed and in her wheelchair. We took her roses and a card, and she seemed glad to see us. I got her electronic keyboard from the closet and played a few tunes, then gave it to her and she played 4 songs, with both right and left hands! She hasn't done that in over a year. Betsy and Richard were coming in as we were leaving.

I found out what the problem has been with my blood pressure. When I took it today, it was 147/84, but when I took off my sweater and did it on my bare arm, it was well within the normal range. I had no idea that would make so much difference.


Zoilus said...

Hey Mama,

Happy Mother's Day. I just sent you an e-card, but i thought I'd check on here and see how your day went. We caught the bus into town and showed the kids around the city centre for a bit (even though it was spitting rain on us the whole day), shopped for a bit, and then walked to Salthill to eat at our favorite restaurant in the area, Panthai. Then we walked the whole way home so we definitely got our exercise in today (just got back around 9 tonight, and it's still light outside). Sounds like you had a good day and for that I'm glad for that. Pip is having a big time laughing and playing with Phin and Bella. Love you very much! You're the best mother in the whole world.

C. J. Garrett said...

Thanks, Benji. I loved the card, Mother Wolf and her pup, and you said you don't like dogs. I'm sure going to miss mine while I'm gone, but seeing you and yours will make up for it, I'm sure. Please don't expect marathon walking from your mom. I will be taking the bus as much as possible, renting a mo-ped or something.

Zoilus said...

Yeah, Bella picked your card out (would I knowingly pick anything resembling a dog?) so that explains the discrepancy. As far as the walking goes, I don't think you'll have to do too much of it, but definitely bring your good walking shoes. I was proud of the kids walking yesterday, though; they kept the whining to a minimum all the way until the last couple of km's or so.