Sunday, April 09, 2006

I've been listening to old-timey Christian music on a new web station I found. A lot of it was recorded before pc's were even conceived. I got nostalgic for familiar hymns after a Sunday service of mostly unfamiliar hymns. Or was it when I listened to Sandy Patty all the way to church? Anyway, I was ready for some Old Rugged Cross and Victory in Jesus. As much as I like the challenge of new (to me) music, I do miss the songs associated with the church of my childhood sometimes. I listened to a piano/organ duet that brought me to tears - Andante Mozart.

Mike went to Borders to meet Bonnie for an hour or so. He took her birthday gift and Christmas gifts. She was a little chagrined that he got her a cell phone for Christmas and she didn't even care enough to come visit long enough to pick it up, something she wanted badly, but didn't dare ask for. She's enjoying her new job, he said, and is working about 20 hrs/wk. Jennifer from the Y came in while they were there, and she came over and hugged Mike and told him how much she'd been missing him. I am so glad that happened while he was with Bonnie. I hope it made her a little jealous.

Betsy told me this morning that Laura may be coming for another visit this week, bringing Sarah and Nathaniel with her. I told her they were welcome to stay here if they want. She also reminded me that Vance and Bethany's baby girl is due this month. I do hope somebody in my brother's family lets me know when the blessed event occurs.

Most of my day has been spent playing Scrabble. I'm trying to get my average back up to where it was. After a series of bad games, it went down lower than it's been in a long time. I've upped it by 3 points today, 8 more to go.

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