Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wednesday’s high was 49*, low 39*, and there is a freeze warning for tonight and Friday night. My plants had no trouble surviving the warmest winter on record for our area, I’d hate to lose them in a spring freeze. The 70’s aren’t due to return for a week. Grumble, grumble, grumble…

Ben delivered my e-tickets and receipt to me at choir practice last night, which brought on a good amount of questioning and discussion with other choir members. The wallflower got all the attention she wanted. I even got some offers to help with Mike. I don’t think they understood on Sunday that Ben and I are both making trips to Ireland. Maybe they thought I was talking to him about his trip. This is what he told me about his trip:

I’m flying to Dublin on the 16th (arriving on the 17th) and am driving a rent-a-car around the island with an older couple from here in Clinton. They are both church musicians (Southern Baptists) and they go on annual prayer walks around the world. This year they’re going to Ireland and Scotland. They go to cities, towns and areas where hymn-writers are from and they stop and pray that the hymns that were written in these areas will still be used and sung for the purpose they were written. I’m going to drive them through Waterford, Cork, the Dingle peninsula, Sligo, Armagh, Londonderry and Belfast. Then the three of us are going to take the ferry to Scotland where I’ll drive them up through Irvine and on to Glasgow. I’m going to fly home from Glasgow while they stay and go on an escorted tour through the Highlands.

I had no idea there was anybody who did what this couple does. Wonder who the Irish hymn writers are.

Bonnie finally got tired of baby-sitting and pet-sitting and got a job at Fresh Market. She may realize she needs a college education eventually. The sad thing is she's still babysitting during the day and working this job at night. Mike was excited to learn his daughter will have some time away from her psycho-mom. They must have been threatened with eviction again for Barbara to allow Bonnie out of her sight. I predict a change in Mike's meal schedule to coincide with Bonnie's work schedule. That's ok with me, he needs to see her more even if it's only while eating supper where she works. I also predict this job will not last long because they will not let her sit down. Couch potatoes don't do well on their feet for any length of time. The excuse will be about the guys she's working with, mark my word.

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Zoilus said...

Be sure to tell your friend Ben that it's DERRY, not "Londonderry."

The only people who refer to it as Londonderry live in London. . .and maybe the Vances who stayed behind in Eire. :)