Sunday, March 26, 2006

I may have a traveling companion; Pat Abney wants to go the week I go. I hope we can get reservations made for her at the same time. It will be fun to have a buddy.

We ate lunch at Sun Koon today. It was good, but I like our No. 1 China Buffet better. Our choir was missing only 4 of its members this morning, fullest we've been since Christmas. James was back from his NY tour and has lost a lot of weight, all the walking. he said. A couple of boo-boos in the anthems, I'd give our performance an A-, but Mike said he didn't hear any mistakes. We did Amazing Grace for the offertory with Alicia playing the flute. It was beautiful. The other one was Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, which I didn't like as much, but it was pretty. The whole emphasis in today's Bible readings and music was Jerusalem, but Mollie preached and didn't mention it. I'm weary of so much attention being given to Jerusalem. Too many Christians today take all that prophecy about the city literally. At least we were praying for peace, and not for Armegeddon and the second coming like some seem to be doing.

It's been a fairly easy week, even had a couple of pajama days. Tomorrow is Tara's 32nd birthday and Laurie's 38th is on the 31st. I remember how we all prayed that she would not be born on April Fool's Day. I think that was the closest we ever came to influencing anything she did.


Zoilus said...

Can you believe we're nearing forty? I know I can't.

I hope it works out with Pat. It would be a long plane ride by yourself, I'm sure.

C. J. Garrett said...

And Apple is celebrating it's 30th this year. Something else you and Laurie have in common, you're both Macheads.